like the naked leads the blind, i know i'm selfish, i'm unkind

Born in the small upstate town of Woodstock on Valentine's Day to parents that most would describe as modern day hippies, Genesis was the typical flower child with a troublemaking streak about a mile wide. The only child of Thomas and Maya, she was a bit spoiled and wanted for nothing, spending most of her days from the minute she could walk until she was nearly five running around, playing in the dirt and the fields and dancing around for hours. Then came school, which she hated with a passion for the first six months, not understanding why she had to go at all, why she was trapped in this building when the sun was shining. Eventually, that passed as she made friends, and through the years she actually came to enjoy, as much as one actually could, school. As most anyone does, Gen struggled with what she was going to do with her life, attending courses at NYU as a liberal arts major, the most bullshit major of them all that sometimes seemed to proclaim to the world that you didnt have a clue. It was opportunity mostly when she stumbled into a job at a PR firm, having spilled coffee on the man who later hired her and doing damage control on the spot. Hell, she didnt even know what PR really was when she was first hired, bullshitting her way through it the same as she did her waitressing job and the retail one before that, but she was good at it. The job was stressful, and ate up most of her life as Gen had a gift for working with the most difficult and troubled of clientele. Relationships were deemed a thing of the past, hookups and hangouts her source of sexual and emotional attachments because it was easier.

One hookup left a rather lasting impression, though. As with most things in her life, meeting Joshua Cooper had only been a matter of chance, and a few too many drinks, on more than a few occasions, and her life would never be the same. Facts are, she didnt have a clue just how different until her boss had approached her about a promotion that would have her out in Los Angeles instead of Manhattan. With nothing keeping her in New York, she jumped on it without hesitation. A month or so out in LA, doing what she did best, and she started to get sick, shaking it off as just the combination of travel and the stress of her new job until she had to face the facts. A pregnancy test confirmed what the morning sickness already had; she was definitely knocked up and quick math after an appointment with the Doctor led her to the ultimate conclusion that it was Joshua's. As anyone would, she freaked out, trying to rationalize, trying to convince herself that despite everything it was just a really bad dream and that she'd wake up at any moment. It wasnt a dream though, and try as she might to work at the same level that she had prior, her body and brain couldnt keep up with the demand, nor could her stress level and while she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until her seventh month, she knew the little person growing inside of her was going to need her far more than any of the spoiled rockstars and overindulged artists ever would. It took balls, and a few more weeks to really work up the nerve, but quitting her job felt like freedom, and while she remained in a city with nothing and no one but herself and her child, a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She could quite literally do anything, and while her first two weeks were spent simply exploring a city she had lived in for months without getting to know, she knew it was the right decision. She gave birth nearly stress free, alright so there were some good drugs involved, a little over two months later and in the most cliche way, when she held her daughter for the first time knew she could never love anyone or anything more.

January 8th, 2015 was the day that Arielle was born, and the day that Gen decided that she needed to do something she truly loved instead of something that just paid the bills that she happened to be good at. She owed that to herself, and to her daughter. She could make money, sure but if she was miserable all the time, what did it matter. Really, it had begun as a hobby, recording the little made up stories that she would tell Arielle and writing them all down and drawing pictures to go with them when she was sleeping, keeping herself occupied between job searching and sanity, making her daughter books that she would one day be able to read on her own. One of the other mothers in her Mommy & Me playgroup noticed her habit during a playdate, her husband was a publisher and she thought he'd be interested in Genesis' stories. It was a lofty idea, actually making a career out of this silly thing she did to preserve these memories for her daughter but it proved lucrative. Four books later, and Genesis was finally happy and in love with her career, finally doing something she was not only good at but that she enjoyed and that didnt take her away from Arielle.

While Los Angeles was beautiful, Genesis missed New York with a passion she didnt realize she held for the city. She had thought that nothing had been tying her to it, but she was wrong. She could write and draw from anywhere, and after a long discussion with her parents who had always told her to follow her heart, to go with her instincts, she packed up and sold her little house in LA, and headed back east, arriving in New York just in time for the leaves to change in September. The joyous occasion did however leave her a little somber as she unpacked her new apartment in Brooklyn, the heavy realization that if Joshua still resided in New York, how would she know after all, and they did cross paths, how would she even begin to tell him about Arielle. Common sense and decency would have had her telling him when she had found out she was even pregnant, but it wasnt like they were dating or she kept his number in her phone, it was illogical to even think of really. She decided to put the thoughts in the back of her mind, what was the likelihood of them running into each other anyway, and decided to celebrate. A fifth book and an eventful Halloween behind her, life was definitely confirming for her yet again that the move was the right decision.

name:Genesis Elizabeth Carrere also goes by: Gen, Genny (her father only) birth date & age: February 14th, 1989 & 26 place of birth: Woodstock, New York current residence: Williamsburg, Brooklyn sexuality: Kinsey 2 relationship status: As single as the day is long occupation: Former Public Relations manager for a wide variety of musicians and artists, current children's author and illustrator family: Thomas Joseph Carrere (father); Maya Evelyn Montgomery-Carrere (mother) children: Arielle Evelyn Carrere (daughter - born January 8th, 2015)
  • Personality Traits: Sarcastic, blunt, hides a lot of her emotions behind jokes, adventurous, independent, charming, impulsive, flirtatious...

  • Has a mouth like a trucker and is twice as filthy but has cleaned herself up a bit since the birth of her daughter, and has learned to censor herself when necessary.

  • Bleached her hair once in a fit of restlessness when she was sixteen, her first big act of defiance and definitely not her last. Her parents completely freaked out when she showed up at the dinner table with a headful of platinum blonde hair.

  • Loves music, and has a collection of mp3s and records that could rival itunes.

  • Carries around a mini magic 8 ball on a keychain and uses it the way people flip a coin, its the answer to all of life's important questions, or to decide between a latte and a macchiato. Whichever.

  • Has kept a journal since she was seven years old, embarrassingly scribbling her adolescent thoughts in Lisa Frank spiral bound notebooks, and has since upgraded to more grownup leather bound books that she shoves between used books on a shelf when she's done with them. Organized, she is not.

  • Has a collection of sugar skulls, purchased on Dia de los Muertos every year since she was four years old.

  • Has a huge obsession with gory horror movies, herbal teas, painting, vintage shopping, spicy lemonade, records, green smoothies, photography, peppermints, really bad (read: amazing) rap music, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Bret Easton Ellis novels, Lou Reed, Quentin Tarantino, Fireball whiskey, art supplies, getting to watch anything for adults on Netflix, etc (will probably add to this as time goes on)<

  • Her favorite movies are High Fidelity, Pump up the Volume, Heathers, Dazed and Confused, True Romance, A Nightmare on Elmstreet, The Lost Boys, Pretty Woman, Teen Witch, Wayne's World, etc

  • Once had a strange fascination with running away to join the circus and dressed in various circus garb for the entire year of second grade, one of the few whimsys that her parents allowed to an extent... well, her mother at least, and treated the monkey bars as the trapeze

  • Always asks the deserted island question as a gauge of a person's character as in, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what two people would you want with you and why?

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